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This is a collection of Guidelines for the Big Little Lies Wikia. They are here to maintain and set a certain standard of community behaviour and to keep the wiki running smoothly, so please follow them!
However, if you feel that something else needs to be added to the guidelines or that they need to be changed, please don't hesitate to leave a message on Man Mountain or G.M. editor's wall.

  • Jump Right In: Don't be afraid to get started. Anyone is free to edit here, so simply click, edit, and get started!
  • Collaboration Is Key: Wikis are based on the idea that the crowd, collectively, has a greater sum of knowledge than just one individual. That means collaborating with others is the key to creating a successful community. Collaboration means you work together to build, design and make decisions. No one person owns or rules a community site. Rather, it is built, supported and owned by all participating community members.
  • Ask For Help: If you are confused or need help, just ask! There is a lot of help all around you here,
  • Vandalism: Here, we take vandalism very seriously, meaning it will not be tolerated in any form. This can include: Changing images to something inappropriate for the page, writing useless and inappropriate things on articles or people's profile pages.
  • Views: Although we all have different views, it's best to hear what another person has to say and respect that even if we don't agree. That said, if you have a particular view, please say it in a nice and respectful manner and not as to bash anybody else's view.