None of us really see things as they are, we see things as we are.

–Bonnie Carlson

Bonnie Carlson is one of the main characters in the HBO series Big Little Lies. She is portrayed by Zoë Kravitz.


Bonnie is Skye's mother and Nathan's second wife.[1]


Bonnie is a petite, beautiful woman, with dark chestnut skin and long black hair, tied in several braids. Bonnie wears very natural, freeing clothing, but she always appears very trendy and put together. Bonnie is short and small. Bonnie is very fit and likes to stay in shape. She is often seen smiling in Season 1, less so in Season 2.


Bonnie has a very free and relaxed personality. She loves to do yoga to decompress. She has a close and loving relationship with her husband, Nathan Carlson, and her daughter, Skye Carlson. In general, Bonnie stays away from the drama and gossip of the town. She initially does not have many girlfriends and keeps to herself.

After the death of Perry in Season 1, Bonnie completely closes off. She becomes depressed, distracted, and can't talk to anyone about it.


Season 1

In the first season, Bonnie is more a background character. She is the hot new wife of Nathan and makes Madeline resentful at times. Bonnie has a live-free personality that attracts Abigail, Nathan's daughter. They connect a lot and Abigail decides to move in with Nathan and Bonnie.

At the end of the first season, Bonnie finds out about what Perry did to Jane. Ultimately, she is the one who pushes Perry, ultimately killing him. She did it in defense of Celeste because Perry was hurting her.

Season 2

Bonnie is completely thrown off after Perry's murder. She feels extreme guilt and is haunted by that night. She is tempted to tell her husband and the police, but she knows she can't talk to anyone about it except for the other girls. Bonnie and the girls are known as the "Monterey Five".

Bonnie's mother comes to town to try to figure out why she is in this deep depression. Bonnie fights with her mom and asks her to leave her alone. Bonnie and Nathan also fight because Nathan is confused about Bonnie's behavior and Bonnie instinctively pushes him away.





Memorable Quotes

You know we all have baggage, Ed.

None of us really see things as they are, we see things as we are.



Season 1 Appearances
"Somebody's Dead" "Serious Mothering" "Living the Dream"
"Push Comes to Shove" "Once Bitten" "Burning Love" "You Get What You Need"
Season 2 Appearances
"What Have They Done?" "Tell-Tale Hearts" "The End of the World"
"She Knows" "Kill Me" "The Bad Mother" "I Want to Know"


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