Abigail Carlson is a recurring character in the HBO series Big Little Lies. She is the daughter of Madeline Mackenzie and Nathan Carlson. She has two half-sisters from her parent's second marriages, Chloe Mackenzie and Skye Carlson.


While outside, she accuses her mother of wanting to control her life to be perfect. At her wit's end, Madeline confesses to having an affair a year ago to show she is not perfect. Abigail is shocked to hear this, asking her mother if she loves her husband.

A year passed, with her and Madeline arguing. During an argument, she berates her mother and mentions her affair. At that moment, Ed arrives and reveals he overheard everything, as Abigail sees she hurt him with her rant and watches him leave. Feeling guilt, Abigail told Madeline that she thought he wasn't home.


Season 1 Appearances
"Somebody's Dead" "Serious Mothering" "Living the Dream"
"Push Comes to Shove" "Once Bitten" "Burning Love" "You Get What You Need"
Season 2 Appearances
"What Have They Done?" "Tell-Tale Hearts" "The End of the World"
"She Knows" "Kill Me" "The Bad Mother" "I Want to Know"


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